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The XPages Browser Workspace for Domino

Ok, I've been sitting on this for a very long time.  I haven't had the time to implement more of it yet ... This demo version is slightly neutered ... I have parts from another application you will see soon that can be added to this, including browsing a server, adding icons for an application to the workspace, centralized management of workspaces etc ...

So go play with the live demo .... you wont be able to open any of the applications on the workspace, but you can see how it works ... move the icons around .. etc etc ...

Then ... let me know ... is there a market for a full featured version of this ?  Would your organization purchase this? Under what circumstances, what features would you want? ... let me know .... BTW, this is best run in Firefox 3.5+ or Chrome ... I haven't really tested the neutered version outside of those browsers .... but I assume they will work well enough for this demo.

To try the demo out go to
A picture named M2


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So go play with the live demo .... you wont be able to open any of the applications on the workspace, but you can see how it works ... move the icons around .. etc etc ...

Then ... let me know ... is there a market for a f

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Error 404
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Gravatar Image9 - Unexpected runtime error
The runtime has encountered an unexpected error.
Error source
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Error while executing JavaScript computed expression
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► ▼ Stack Trace

Gravatar Image8 - Wow. Very nice! I made my own a while back, But was only a little under 2 hours spent making it, so it looks really sad compared to this. :)

I made mine because as a support person I am routinely opening customers databases to investigate issues. So my current built in workspace turns into a mess every week. Time wasted cleaning it. :/

My vote is openntf. :D But if you have to sell, a reasonable price would be great so I can get it. :D

Gravatar Image7 - Very nice work. Yes i do think there is a market for this.

Gravatar Image6 - @5 - Remember "neutered" ... there's nothing saying that little icon in the top right hand corner won't/can't have links to other servers. But at its core, the "chiclet" doesn't represent singularly a "replica on Server A" to a user ... it represents an application...

Gravatar Image5 - Allow me one criticism : you are mis-using a known UI "component" (the chicklet) and thus risk confusing user who may think the chicklet is used to target another "replica"...

Otherwise, nice work !

Gravatar Image4 - Jeremy, excelent work!.

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Gravatar Image3 - Jeremy,

Great stuff!! I'm so glad you announced this today.

Paul - I would suspect that since this is all XPages, PNG's are fully supported.

Gravatar Image2 - @Paul ... Well it was close .. lots of long discussions, but yes, support for PNG made it in.

Gravatar Image1 - Nice work, it looks great. If you're thinking about whether there's a market, it's encouraging that TeamStudio are taking a similar approach with their take on the workspace for Unplugged. Does your workspace support png images? ;-)

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